Set up letsencrypt for Nginx using certbot on Ubuntu 20.04

Certbot module for nginx was updated Yesterday to support Ubuntu 20.04. So, I decided to post an update. Let's go through the extremely simple process of obtaining letsencrypt SSL certificate for your Shiny new ubuntu 20.04 server running nginx webserver using EFF certbot.

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Why is SSL important for Your website?

Reasons are endless but the most prominent ones are Security and SEO. Search engines prefer content being served over HTTPS and strong, secure SSL certificates help your website stay safe from the various in-transit attacks. Sometimes, ISPs are also injecting their ads to the insecure http requests causing the pages to load even slower. So it is always recommended that a website is served over https (ssl) to make sure that it remains performant and secure. This information is no secret but still some people seem unaware of the fact so I felt like sharing in a comment.