I Over-Complicated my Home Network for fun

1. Router: my trusty Mikrotik RB2011 - This is an old boy now, still performs better than any consumer routers and offers far more customizationthan your average wifi router. I don't use it's 2.4G WIFI 4 radio anymore. However, rest of it is still promising. 5 Gigabit ethernet ports for your high speed needs and 5 10/100 Fast ethernet ports for the old Raspberry pi 2 clusters. Also comes with a micro-usb port to get an LTE dongle hooked as a failover. 2. LTE: decomissioned JioMiFi 4G hotspot - This too is essentially 4 Years old at this point and since then, I've bought a more modern 4G hotspot from jio for my on the go needs. Since this was lying around along with a spare 4G sim, I dediced to go with it. The device performs great with acceptable 20 Up/5 Down speeds over its USB port which is enough when my Primary internet is down. 3. Raspberries: decomissioned Raspberry Pi 2B(s) - I use these for things like Pi-Hole and wireguard along with some basic monitoring tools for my cloud infra. This isn't the most ideal of situations but gets the job done and I have control over the monitoring infra and methods. As they say, gets the job done.

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