Home server on a Raspberry Pi

Like most of the World, I'm too staying at Home for the greater good #Lockdown has made me crazy and I'm doing things I've been bailing on as Low-Priority for a long time. One of those included a Raspberry Pi AQI monitor cum weather station which was the first challenge I took back in march. It went well but I still had a few more decomissioned Raspberry Pi (2<sup>nd</sup> & 3<sup>rd</sup> Generation) which were just laying around for a while since I upgraded to Raspberry Pi 4 late last year. Now, I have plans for using the Raspberry Pi 3 as smart Access points which is a totally separate project but for now, I'm going to discuss how I used a Raspberry Pi 2 (a device essentially 8 Years old) to host an adblocker (pi-hole) and my personal homepage using a platform called Grav.

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