A CONUNDRUM? - Review of the Social Dilemma Documentary on Netflix

When was the last time you remember spending your day without scrolling through your social handles? Well, this should be rather reframed as when was the last time these social handles spend their day without regulating you to scroll down through their social handles? The world we live in real-time is ever more connected with the people living across varied geographic regions and interacting in real-time without even making it necessary to step outside their house. It is one of the marvels of modern technology, culminating years of progress and growth in the field of information and technology. Big Data is a new label given to a diverse field of data intensive informatics in which the datasets are so large that they become hard to work with effectively. The amount of user-generated media uploaded to the web is expanding rapidly and it is beyond the capabilities of any human to sift through it all to see which media impacts our privacy.

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